This Mom Lost 40 Pounds in 4 Months! How did she do it?

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This is the fascinating story of Brittany Wolfe.

Like any story, is not one without issues. Thankfully she openly talks about them and also gives you the steps she took to shed all that weight off!

Brittany’s Issues: Eating

Brittany, a self-proclaimed “bigger” girl, weighed 263 by the time she realized that something was really wrong with her life choices. She was an emotional eater who would use food, namely junk food, as a way to push down bad emotions that stemmed from a difficult childhood.

Issue #2: Not moving

Aside from these bad eating habits, she lived a sedentary lifestyle, spending most of her time on the couch and watching television.

Issue #3: Smoking

To make matters worse, she was also a habitual smoker whose lung capacity forbade her from engaging in physical activity. Essentially, Brittany had developed a vicious cycle of bad habits: overeating, smoking, and not engaging in any physical movement.

The Eye-Opener

Typically, it would take a real eye-opener for someone to leave this cycle for good. Thankfully for Brittany, her eye opening event was a positive one: She was on the brink of rekindling an old relationship. Romance was in the air. She knew something had to happen, quickly! It was not easy to get it right from the start. Brittany did make mistakes. However, she was able to learn from them to lose those first 40 pounds.

The Wrong:

  • The first mistake Brittany made was to assume that there will be a quick fix-it to her situation.
  • She did the same thing many people do right before they fail a diet and exercise plan: They want shortcuts.
  • Brittany diligently got the veggies and tossed away the junk foods, but she also started to skip meals to see the numbers on the scale come down quicker.
  • Another huge mistake was that she outdid herself at the gym. Rather than building a steady strengthening progress, she was trying to do too much too soon.

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