Why Coconut Oil Will Change Your Life

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2 of 7: A deodorant big pharma wished they could make!
We all want to smell good, specially in those areas that well… tend to put us in tight spots.

Coconut Oil when mixed with the proper ingredients (recipe: 3 T Coconut Oil, 3 T Baking Soda, 2 T Shea Butter, 2 T Arrowroot (optional), Essential Oils (optional)) makes one if not the best natural deodorant you’ll ever apply in your body.

Stains? Forget about it!

One thing about deodorants that we are all well aware of is how much they stain our clothes, right? Is just plain awful!

Well, with Coconut Oil made deodorant you can forget about that. Being a 100% natural deodorant none of the ingredients cause any stain or are sticky in any way. Some claim they are actually helpful to the fabric (as it might hydrate it).

No harsh chemicals, No allergies

Also, being a completely natural product, most people are switching to Coconut Oil because is virtually 100% allergy free.


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